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September 17, 2010 Johnson Banks Mandagrams

Mandagram For Hand, Perhaps.

From my ever present design heroes Johnson Banks and their Thought For The Week entries comes this idea of trying to make sense of a different language of signs – this case Mandarin. Mandagrams, as they call them calls into question of how foreign signs, pictograms, can be made accessible and understandable by placing them in a more familiar visual context. Excitedly looking forward how this idea will develop in the future.

September 8, 2010 Replay by Stefan Hattenbach

Partial Character Set of Replay Regular Headline

Replay is a classic text typeface with inspiration from the original Caslon casts. Exclusively designed for Veer by Stefan Hattenbach, the typeface designer behind Macrhino Fonts. Stefan’s main goal for this typeface was to adapt the characteristics from the original cut of Caslon which have been a favorite typeface for many years. Although, he wanted the contrast to be a bit higher than most of the existing versions on the market.

August 31, 2010 Brauer Neue

Brauer Regular, Brauer Bold

Originally designed for the Zürich based brewery Hürlimann by Pierre Miedinger (nephew of Max Miedinger) Brauer Neue has been extended into a more complete character set by Electrosmog and Philippe Desarzens. The typeface can be found Lineto which we must admit has a very interesting interface and character preview tool as well as a fairly geeky navigation system.

Application Screenshots

Apart from having a smashing website filled with great design work, Glasgow based design studio, Effective, has developed a grid-application for the iPhone suitable for us detail oriented people.

March 23, 2010 Creative Review Redesigns

Creative Review Cover

Tomorrow, March 24 2010, is the release date for a redesigned Creative Review. The well known UK trade publication marks it thirtieth anniversary by donning itself a new suit. Everything from the format, to paper stock, to logotype, colors and typography has been considered and changed. It will be interesting to see how an actual copy looks and feels but in the meantime the CR blog has a nice feature on the changes made and the reasoning behind them. Not entirely sure what to make of the redesign yet, but it looks promising and the use of the grotesk Theinhardt as well as the use of drop caps and other ornaments from the revival project of the St Bride’s type archive is exciting.

March 4, 2010 Redesigning The BBC

Project Wall, BBC

Perhaps nothing new in terms of design process nor in terms of the quality of the design, but this really shows much of the everyday issues we as designers deal with. Being well compiled this presentation really gives a good insight into what is involved when developing and designing for a larger organization or system.

From Macro Kingdom, Clemento

With todays image making tools at fairly affordable prices it is interesting to see what could perhaps be seen as amateurs making professional grade images, at least in terms of technical quality. One could perhaps argue that this turns the amateur into the professional but this post is more about looking at the impact image making technology has had on image making as a whole.

We finally bought the Canon D5 Mark II to the studio. I wouldn’t perhaps call this an amateur camera but considering how affordable it is compared to similar technology a few years ago then this can be seen as a bargain. It also allows access to tools almost unthinkable a few years ago, full-HD video with interchangeable lenses in particular.

A quick scouring of the web immediately shows the possibilities at hand – and it also shows the great quality of this work, whether it being experimental or just for plain fun. The results are often breathtaking and it leaves one wondering what impact this will have on professional image production now when technically high quality is fairly accessible to all? It will of course be interesting to see of how much use high quality is to the average user.

Example A
Example B

February 3, 2010 Propaganda & Activism

Obey, Shepard Fairey

As we are running an Introductory Course in Typography and Graphic Design History at Luleå Universitet, time has now come to prepare a couple new lectures. As the first new lecture will focus on International Style and the construction of modern brands it seems like a perfect fit to continue onwards with a look at propaganda and activism, which both, in a sense, are extreme versions of normal, mass market, commercial communication. Having started scouring the web for interesting materials I realize there are much more out there in terms of imagery compared to the last time I checked a few years back. If anyone has any interesting suggestions for me please feel free to post them here. Among interesting things I have found so far is a massive Russian Poster gallery on Flickr as well as a few topical School of Visual Arts’ lectures from Steven Heller as Podcasts.

January 11, 2010 New Website

Long overdue, we’re finally ready to release our new website. Focus this time has been to showcase more work, and to create a more dynamic and more easily updated website. We’re currently hard at work laying the finishing touches, repairing bugs and filling the site with content. If you have any comments or critique, please let us know!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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