Svt Channel ID Development

The Four Logotypes

Defining The SVT Structure

As viewers had the image of SVT as bland, wholesome, governmental, boring public serve television, yet at the same time as reliable, ambitious and credible its identity needed realigning. Together with Liberty and Kazakoff Design we helped SVT redefine and define their individual channel identities.

At the offset it was clear to us that a channel’s identity is defined by its content rather than its graphic language. Therefore, rather than creating separate paths graphically, we defined a logical and uniform structure – to be imposed on tightly controlled and selected channel content. Simultaneously, as we developed the identity we also conceptualized how SVT could promote, and cross-promote its content to the viewers. After our work was done identity interstitials were developed for SVT1 and SVT2 by Dallas and Broken Doll respectively.

SVT2SVT2 Program Promo
SVT Cross-Promotion Concepts

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